Product development and Maintenance

Ekfrazo technologies celebrates the spirit involved in the completion of all undertaken projects or events.


Product Development & Maintenance

The Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC) for each and every project undertaken will be tracked and upgraded in a timely manner. This method ultimately narrows down the whole process and provides a sturdy grip on the entirety of the product development. The impeccable functioning of any project entirely depends on the level of Quality assurance that has been carried out.


The constant change in technology makes it necessary to update both software and hardware simultaneously in order to keep up with the latest advancements. For achieving this, it is crucial to carry out consistent maintenance and application re-designs for coping with the changes. Software developers at Ekfrazo are well equipped with the necessary skill set for managing such complexities. With an abundance of experience, we are capable of forecasting such patterns and creating personalized solutions for them.


Product Maintenance Services We Provide

Our app development experts understand your vision of business and provide regular upgrades on application construction, development and testing new features.


We ensure round the clock working of your application and optimise performance throughout its lifecycle.


We carry our routine troubleshooting and bug management services for effective functioning.


We assure consistent performance as we detect even the tiniest hiccup and fix them before it affects the user. We also use performance metrics for monitoring user experience.


We continuously test the application for efficiency, find bugs and resolve errors as a part of our Quality assurance process.