Product development and Maintenance

Product Development & Maintenance

We track the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) for each product development project and upgrade. It streamlines the process and gives firm control over product development. Quality assurance is an important part of each of our projects, so we can guarantee that the product works flawlessly.


Once the product is developed, the task doesn’t end there. Technology changes rapidly, and both hardware and software are constantly updated. In order to keep the software up-to-date with trends, it is necessary to perform constant maintenance and redesign the application to work with the changes. At Ekfrazo Technologies our talented software developers are ready to manage the complexities and deliver results. Our extensive experience allows us to understand and anticipate future patterns so that we can create personalized solutions as well as help maintain and improve products.

Product Maintenance Services We Provide

Our experienced experts effectively in provide application enhancement services by understanding your business needs and the application’s construction, developing the enhancement, and testing the new features.
Our CMS services will ensure that your product continues to work as expected and maintains consistent performance throughout its life cycle.
Applications run into a variety of bugs and problems, but at JWH Global, our services extend to troubleshooting and the management of bugs and other problems to get your application back to functioning efficiently.
Performance management services ensure your application performs consistently as expected. Our expert services detect problems with performance before your users are affected with solutions such as measuring performance metrics and monitoring user experience monitoring.
Our quality assurance processes include implementing necessary changes to your application, analyzing code to find bugs, resolve errors, and improve quality, and testing the application for efficiency.