IT Consulting

Ekfrazo technologies celebrates the spirit involved in the completion of all undertaken projects or events.



We implement the expertise and tech-based background of the best minds at Ekfrazo for creating comprehensive IT solutions towards digital and technological transformation. We make sure that these aspects fall in line with the clients’ business objectives as well. We offer IT consulting for automation and digitalising operations. Additionally, we tend to optimise software portfolios for implementing the latest technologies.



For over 8 years, Ekfrazo has been aiding several organisations of varied scale and structure for improving their IT setup and modernising their strategies. Our experts on the IT wing have over 25+ years of experience in their areas of expertise. Having such personnels with a chunk of experience enables us to deliver the maximum benefit in a short period of time.



We perform a complete analysis of your existing software solutions and the way of implementation for pointing out the problems in automation and workflow.


Our advisors leverage the latest technologies for devising roadmap and strategy for creating software infrastructure.


We observe the workflow, track their performance on a micro scale to exactly identify the bottlenecks. Upon identifying them, our software engineers proceed to eliminate every single one of them.


After creating the initial setup, we also recommend steps for further improvements in the future. We also aid the clients in implementing the process.