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IT Recruitment & Contract Staffing

Transforming the IT Workforce: Discover the Perfect IT Talent with Us

We offer a highly scalable model when it comes to IT recruitment & contract staffing, serving a diverse range of clients, from startups to well-established enterprises. We provide tailored staffing solutions that align with your objectives and organisational style.

Our staffing services offer exceptional flexibility, allowing you to deploy and withdraw IT experts as per your project requirements. This transforms your organisation, providing significant cost savings without compromising your staffing needs. This ensures you have a robust workforce ready to navigate fluctuations without the burden of permanent employment costs. Our contract staffing deploys temporary IT professionals for the contract’s duration, eliminating the need for paid holidays, fringe benefits, or medical benefits associated with permanent employment.

Why Choose Ekfrazo for Talent Acquisition Services?

Choose Ekfrazo for talent acquisition services and benefit from our team of experienced recruiters with proven expertise. We offer a global reach and custom solutions to give you a competitive advantage in the job market. With a remarkable 90% client retention rate, our services speak for themselves. Our efficient Candidate Management System (CMS) ensures smooth onboarding, making Ekfrazo the ideal choice for your talent acquisition needs.

Our IT Recruitment Process

Our IT recruitment process involves a well-structured journey to ensure the success of your organisation. Here’s our streamlined process:

Client Needs Assessment ➔ Job Description ➔ Candidate Screening ➔ Initial Interviews ➔ Reference Check ➔ Performance Monitoring ➔ Background Check ➔ Post Placement Follow-Up ➔ Legal Compliances ➔ Continuous Training

Technology Domains We Excel In

We offer expertise across a broad spectrum of technologies, providing tailored solutions to meet your unique needs. Our areas of technology coverage include:
Our diverse technology coverage ensures that we can address your specific IT requirements with precision and expertise.
Leveraging the power of cloud computing for scalable and efficient solutions
Managing and optimising your data storage and retrieval systems.
Harnessing the latest in marketing technology to enhance your digital strategies.
Ensuring the quality and reliability of your software and applications.
Creating mobile apps that connect with your audience on the go.
Building content management systems to streamline your content and online presence.
Managing and deriving insights from vast and complex datasets.
Tailoring customer relationship management solutions to improve customer interactions and retention.


Ekfrazo provides IT recruitment and staffing services in India and internationally, serving clients around the world.
Ekfrazo utilises a comprehensive approach, including job postings, industry networks, and a talent database, to source and screen IT professionals for contract staffing.
Ekfrazo specialises in a wide range of IT roles, including software developers, data analysts, project managers, network engineers, and more.
Contract staffing allows businesses to flexibly scale their IT teams, reduce costs, access specialised skills, and quickly respond to project demands.
The duration of contract assignments can vary, but they typically range from a few months to a year or more, depending on the project’s scope and needs.
Ekfrazo conducts rigorous interviews, reference checks, and skills assessments. This process ensures that only qualified and skilled IT professionals are placed on contract assignments.
Ekfrazo’s commitment to personalised service, industry expertise, and a vast network of IT professionals make us a trusted partner for all your IT staffing needs.